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5 generations of enthusiasts

Discover the portraits of the 5 generations of perfumers who gave life year after year to exceptional creations.

Albert Sittler, 1st generation

Henri Bénard, 2nd generation

Pierre Lerouge-Bénard, 3rd generation

Jean-Pierre Lerouge-Bénard, 4th generation

Célia Lerouge-Bénard, 5th generation

The arrival of the 5th generation: the female incarnation of a family inheritance

Célia would not have imagined that the smell at this point the secret language of his family...

And probably what connected her most directly, the most intimately, to her father.

She still hears this father's voice under the foliage of the family garden, crisscrosing under her nose a sheet of mint or geranium rosat, and telling her"Sense my darling, meaning!" »»Ritual full of love and hedonism that she reproduces in turn with her own children. The taste for transmission and sharing is perhaps the well-kept secret of the Molinard house.

She who dreamed of Paris, from Paris, of adventure, finally returned to the lands of childhood. We are not going against inheritance.

Receiving as a gift this brand that her father entrusted to her, she detected a nugget there that she immediately wanted to crimp with light.

Habanita has found her timeless aura thanks to her by projecting herself in the future.

Drawing other collections like so many new olfactory territories to explore, imagining perfumes first as snapshots of happiness and comfort. Célia has patiently traced her wake, inventing aPerfumery of voluptuousness and lightness.

The Molinard house deeply vibrates in her, breathes for her, defends her as we defend her offspring.First ladyTo take the direction of it in five generations, she feels entirely in her place, surrounded by scents and memories, as if she were still in the garden of her childhood.

The 4th generation: avant-garde of personalization

Jean-Pierre Lerouge-Bénard

Jean-Pierre Lerouge-Bénard,Precursor in the creation of perfume, offers the general public the possibility ofCreate a personalized perfumeWithin four workshops: the workshop of perfumes, the fragrance bar, the Villa du Parfumeur and the Petit Perfumer.

The 3rd generation: passionate about the ingredients

Pierre Lerouge-Bénard

Pierre Lerouge-Bénard, theraw materials, developed against the Bastide Molinard, the Mero-Boyveau factory, specialized in the aromas and ingredients of perfumery. From the picking of flowers to distillation, Molinard thus invests the perfume sector in its entirety until the bottles.

The 2nd generation: at the origin of Habanita innovations and the Concreta

Henri Bénard

Henri Bénard, chemist and mayor of Grasse, this avant-garde perfumer is at the origin of the olfactory innovations which marked the history of French perfumery such asHabanita, the first female oriental in 1921or theConcreted in 1925, the first solid scent in the world, based on natural flower wax.

The 1st generation: Bastide pioneer

Albert Sittler

Albert SittlerOpen the doors of the Bastide MolinardTo develop a new era, industrial. By associating Hyacinthe Molinard, the alchemist who made himself known since his little stall in the heart of Grasse, he brought Molinard in 1900 into his beautiful Provençal residence.

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