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Tailor-made perfume creation

Precursor in the soul, Molinard offers in 1994
The first perfume creation workshops

Initiate all audiences to the profession of perfumer,
Understand the architecture of a perfume and tame the essences that make it up,
This is the wish of Jean-Pierre Lerouge-Bénard when he creates in preview,
In 1994, the workshop of perfumes.
The primary will of the house is then to keep this proximity to the general public.
By developing these workshops, Molinard wishes to provide professional lighting and accessible to all.

Connections of composition

To sketch the universe of the desired perfume in a professional approach and accessible to all, this is the promise of the Molinard creation workshops.

A few hours in immersion in the world of odors to arouse unique olfactory emotions. The Molinard ambassador transmits his love of raw materials and drives you in the selection of notes to help you define your personal olfactory interpretation.

This approach combines the olfactory discovery of the different facets of essences to a few notions of history and culture of perfume.

The perfumer's organ

Equipped with his perfume organ and like a musician, the nose composes his most beautiful creations by harmoniously adding heads, heart and background.

Natural raw materials, synthetic molecules (musk, green tea) or bases (agreements made using several natural and/or synthetic species), discover the world of creator-sponsor.


The Molinard perfume creation workshops allow initiates and enthusiasts to feel and manipulate rare and exceptional raw materials.

Using a graduated pipette, make the association of the different species selected yourself according to the proportions recommended by the adviser-female for a harmonious and personal result. Creative alchemy takes place by combining the different notes.

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Recommend your perfume

Create, wear, recommend!

Have you experienced the unique and tailor-made experience in the creation of perfume within one of our establishments and you want to extend this scented dream?
The house preciously keeps your formula and invites you to recommend your creation in 90ml format on our site.

The essential actor of your events

Molinard accompanies you in your events.

Team-building, incentive, business seminars or reception, cocktail, wedding ...
The workshop of perfumes will be able to challenge your guests.
Our team of professionals and multilingual moves directly on site and all over the world.

Seminars, conferences, receptions, weddings, cocktails or dinners, tailor-made is our motto!

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