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Made in Grasse

Grasse, cradle and world capital of perfumery ... It is at the heart of this exceptional heritage that Maison Molinard was born, which has continued for more than 170 years to cultivate its love of beautiful materials.
Family and independent house for five generations, Molinard sublime in perfumes the emblematic and precious materials of perfumery.

A perfume, a poem

Each creation draws its inspiration from materials from here and elsewhere, where essences as a precious alchemy, respond and complement each other. For Célia Lerouge-Bénard, 5th generation and 1st woman manager of the house, the perfume is much more than a simple product, it is a poem alone which provokes in each an emotion.


High quality control

From the formulation to the bottle, each step is carried out in our production site in Grasse, thus guaranteeing high -quality scented perfumes and derivatives by monitoring and control over the whole of our production chain.

Excellence craftsmanship

Rare and ancestral know-how dear to the house Molinard.

The French olfactory exception

To perpetuate the authentic heritage of the house by sublimating the most beautiful materials of our land while continuously reinventing itself is also the French olfactory exception.

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