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Our values

French house, family and independent since 1849, perfumery has always chosen to favor products
quality without compromise but also to surround yourself with passionate and responsible collaborators/partners in order to
to create lasting connections.

A family story

Independent family home for five years
generations, Maison Molinard sublime in perfumes
the emblematic and precious materials of the

Innovation inspired by emotion

We cultivate a perfect balance between tradition and avant-garde, innovation and experience, heritage and creation. All of our perfumes tell a story and bring new emotions to life.

A strong local anchor

Grasse, cradle and world capital of perfumery.
It is at the heart of this exceptional heritage that the
Maison Molinard has continued to develop for over 170 years
cultivate your love of beautiful materials.

Quality perfumes

We believe that you cannot create beautiful perfumes without using beautiful ingredients, whether they come from science or nature.

Well-being distiller

We believe that perfume distills beauty into our lives and that it is our duty to make it available to everyone.

Recognized know-how

A rare and ancestral know-how which has succeeded in combining craftsmanship and industrialization while preserving

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