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Our engagements

Our commitments are structured around three pillars: the environment, people and our products. Our House wishes
today we are increasingly committed to protecting the environment, implementing social and societal values ​​and finally promoting local and national craftsmanship.

Responsible governance

The Governance of Maison Molinard is aware of the importance of integrating the issues of social responsibility into its overall strategy. We involve our internal and external stakeholders in our approach by implementing a collective and collaborative approach. An independent company for 5 generations, Maison Molinard has two-headed governance with gender parity.

Human Rights

Maison Molinard pays particular attention to respecting the individual and their fundamental rights. We are committed to ensuring the promotion of equal opportunities and ensuring internal diversity. We wish to strengthen our actions in order to fight against all forms of discrimination and harassment. Our tools allow us to promote the proper management of the personal data of our customers, our suppliers, our employees and our other stakeholders.

Relations and working conditions

Maison Molinard aims to promote the well-being of its employees on a daily basis by creating a pleasant and caring environment. Our human size gives us dynamism, responsiveness and flexibility which allow us to create strong links.
These last two years will have shaken up everyone's habits and needs. We therefore want to capitalize on our talents and ensure their well-being in order to meet the company's ambitions together.


Producer of perfumes since 1849, we are aware of the impacts linked to our activities. In a process of continuous improvement, we want to measure them as best as possible in order to reduce them on a daily basis and collectively.
For several years, we have naturally integrated the notion of eco-responsibility into the design and manufacturing of our products, both in terms of purchasing and processes. We want to raise awareness internally among our employees as well as our partners and suppliers in order to move forward together on these subjects.

Business Ethics

Maison Molinard guarantees respect for fair competition through its practices and has established lasting links with its suppliers and partners for years by responding collectively and in complete transparency to the challenges of tomorrow. We want to go a step further by acting in favor of their social responsibility. Beyond their commitment to us, which is essential for us, we want to encourage them to engage in a real approach.

Respect for the customer

The customer is placed at the heart of our priorities.
Maison Molinard is aware of bringing a diversity of emotions through its perfumes. Our teams carefully select each ingredient in order to offer the best. Beyond the quality of the information transmitted, we prevent risks linked to the health and safety of users. Maison Molinard wishes to emphasize listening in order to strengthen its proximity to customers. We want to go even further by engaging customers towards even more sustainable consumption.

Local development and general interest

Maison Molinard contributes to the socio-economic development of the region through its recruitment and main business partners. We have been promoting integration assistance for years by working with people with disabilities within our production division.
Driven by the desire to collectively support solidarity projects, we have strengthened our actions in order to further engage our customers alongside us.

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